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Since 2007 we are supplying medical instruments to Westafrica's biggest market Nigeria.

The intermediation of a agency in 2007 to one special partner in Nigeria was a milestone for us. Since then we have been enlarging the circle of supplying partners constantly - and  remain open for new medical specialty devices all the time !

trust-pharma.com we started off 1991 in our original business field trading internationally with pharmaceutical raw materials. Correspondingly the year 2016 let us look back over a history of 25 years supplying pharmaceutical raw materials, generics and tabletting additives to Nigeria and a few other markets in Africa and the Middle East. From humble beginnings in 1991 we developed meaningful partnerships to a few key-role players in the country which still keeps us going and growing.

Our intermediating role enables us to pass on the blessing of latest medical science... new invented medical devices to those who would appreciate them most ! For our team this is one of the most important aspects of our business and it drives and motivates us every day anew !

In December 2016 we decided to publish a web-catalogue of the items we supply. Three months later we are still working on that and we keep inviting manufacturers to make here available through a web-link those product groups in which are their individual export strength is most significant

June Mastan
Shareholder & CEO



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